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Active Life Lens Options

Active Life Lens Options Our Active Life Lenses (also known as premium or multi-focal intraocular lenses) are used in the treatment of cataracts to restore bright, vibrant, and youthful vision. In traditional cataract surgery, a clear mono-focal lens is inserted allowing for vision correction at a single distance. Patients requiring glasses or readers will still be dependent upon them after traditional surgery. HOWEVER, Active Life Lenses feature advanced technology which adjusts focus within the eye. This feature allows your eye to focus on both near and distance objects.

Most Active Life Lens patients are able to reduce or eliminate their dependency on readers and glasses following their procedure. These remarkable lenses are designed for permanent insertion within the eye and are virtually invisible to the naked eye. We constantly hear reports back from our patients about how much they enjoy the visual freedom their Active Life Lens Cataract Procedure provides.

Crystalens HD Active Life Lens

Gulf Coast Eye Institute is pleased to offer its patients the newest in lens implant technology, the Crystalens HD. The Crystalens HD is the very first FDA-approved “accommodating” Active Life Lens. Crystalens was modeled after the human eye. Like the natural lens, it uses the eye muscle to flex and accommodate in order to focus on objects in the environment at all distances. Crystalens dynamically adjusts to your visual needs.

How well does the Crystalens HD work?

More than twice as many patients who had the Crystalens procedure (88.4%) enjoyed better vision at all distances compared to patients who had cataract surgery with a standard intraocular lens (35.9%).

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