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Cataract Surgery

The Cataract Procedure

Cataract Surgery Harlingen

The Cataract procedure begins with topical anesthetic drops which numb the eye. No needles or injections are needed. Once the eye is numb, small incisions are made within the eye with a medical scalpel or the Victus FS laser which allows your surgeon to remove the cataract affected lens. Once these incisions are created, the cataract-affected lens of the eye is removed, and flexible, clear lens implants are folded and inserted into the lens capsule. These small incisions seal themselves, requiring no stitches. The entire procedure takes only minutes to complete.

In our Advanced Laser Cataract Procedure, your surgeon uses the Victus FS laser as an extension of his hands to create the initial laser incisions that were formerly made with a blade. In the opinion of our surgeons, the use of this laser improves the accuracy and precision of the procedure. Gulf Coast Eye Institute is among the first in the Valley to offer laser cataract surgery.

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Many patients who opt to have cataract surgery with one of our Active Life Lens Procedures typically regain vision at multiple distances. Learn about your options to reduce dependency on glasses and readers after surgery at your consultation.

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