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Research and Clinical Studies

Since our earliest days, Gulf Coast Eye Institute has been committed to offering patients the newest, safest, most innovative vision correction technologies and procedures. Even in his earliest professional years, Dr. Gonzalez was a pioneer and early adopter of revolutionary (at the time) vision correction technologies.

A natural outgrowth of that commitment to innovation is our long-standing and continued involvement in clinical research. At Gulf Coast Eye Institute, the research center is where trials of new devices, procedures, drugs, and other technologies are conducted under the strict guidance of Dr. Victor Gonzalez.

Quality of service and legendary care is our passion at Gulf Coast Eye Institute. Clinical research is one area that helps us in our quest to provide the best care to every patient, every time. Our dedicated research team searches out studies and trials that have notable patient benefits.

Not every patient is a candidate for every study, but certainly every patient benefits from what is learned because of Gulf Coast Eye Institute’s participation in any given study.

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Dr. Gonzalez’s Research

Many of our doctors have remained a part of the research community throughout their careers. Dr. Gonzalez is committed to improving the outcomes for all ophthalmology patients, which motivates him to continue researching new and innovative methods of treatment. At Gulf Coast Eye Institute, we are proud to improve the quality of our patient’s lives by discovering what is still unknown about vision and the health of the eye.

To learn more about Dr. Gonzalez visit his biography page or view a few of his publications below:

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