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Active Life Lens Options

Most patients who choose to have cataract surgery with one of our Active Life Lens Procedures are excited to learn they can regain vision at multiple distances. Our Active Life Lenses (also known as premium or multifocal intraocular lenses) are used to restore bright, vibrant and youthful vision.

In traditional cataract surgery, a clear mono-focal lens is inserted allowing for vision correction at a single distance. Patients requiring glasses or readers will still be dependent upon them after traditional cataract surgery.

Active Life Lenses feature advanced technology that adjusts focus within the eye. This feature allows your eye to focus on both near and distance objects.

Most Active Life Lens patients are able to greatly reduce or eliminate their dependency on readers and glasses following their procedure.

These amazing lenses are designed for permanent implantation within the eye and are virtually invisible to the naked eye. We constantly hear reports back from our patients about how much they enjoy the visual freedom their Active Life Lens Cataract Procedure provides. After all, you may only have a cataract procedure performed once. Choose the lenses that offer you your BEST vision and the most freedom possible to enjoy a life complete with GREAT VISION.

You will learn about several of today’s options to reduce your dependency on glasses and readers after surgery at your Gulf Coast Eye Institute cataract consultation.

Crystalens HD Active Life Lens

Crystalens IOLGulf Coast Eye Institute is pleased to offer the Crystalens HD. The Crystalens HD is the very first FDA-approved “accommodating” Active Life Lens. Crystalens was modeled after the human eye. Like the natural lens, these are accommodative lenses designed to offer patients a wide range of vision for near, far and intermediate distances. The Crystalens HD dynamically adjusts to your specific visual needs and will offer you an advanced vision outcome, vision in high definition.

Tecnis Symfony Active Life Lens

Technis IOLA new type of intraocular lens, the Tecnis Symfony Active Life Lens, received FDA approval in 2016 and Gulf Coast Eye Institute is excited to offer this great option to cataract patients.

The Tecnis Symfony is the first Active Life Lens that corrects astigmatism and provides cataract patients with extended depth-of-focus, which helps improve their sharpness of vision at near, intermediate and far distances.

Why is this important?

The introduction of the Symfony lens is important – even groundbreaking because previously, patients who had both presbyopia (over-40 reading vision issues) and astigmatism were unable to obtain an Active Life Lens that would correct all their vision needs. We are receiving rave reviews from our patients following the implantation of the Tecnis Symfony Lens.

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