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Comprehensive Eye Care

The team at Gulf Coast Eye Institute is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of all major eye conditions. From general vision problems to a degenerative eye disease, we are here for you. Not to mention, we can upgrade your vision (or even your look) with laser vision correction. We hand select our specialists from many fields of ophthalmology, so we are equipped to meet your vision need, whatever it is!

Vision Issues

To maintain healthy eyes, start with consistent eye exams. Regular comprehensive eye exams allow us to find, diagnose and treat eye issues before they fully develop. On top of making sure you eyes are healthy, eye exams help us determine the best methods for improving your vision. Young or old, vision is critical to a happy and healthy lifestyle. With specialists in every area, you can trust that the doctors of Gulf Coast Eye Institute will provide you with excellent vision and excellent eye health.

Whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, have presbyopia, astigmatism or a degenerative eye disease, we will work with you to improve your sight so you can See the Sunny Side of Life.

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Specialty Contact Fitting

Contact lenses certainly don’t fall under the one-size-fits-all umbrella. You might even have been told contacts aren’t ideal for you because you have “hard to fit” eyes. No worries.

The team at Gulf Coast Eye Institute helps many “hard to fit” patients find the ideal contact lens solution for their unique eyes.

Gulf Coast Eye Institute is pleased to offer SynergEyes lenses. SynergEyes makes hybrid contact lenses for patients with astigmatism, presbyopia and irregular corneal conditions. If this is you, great news! You can now see life with crystal clear vision, clarity and comfort all day long. This is the only hybrid lens that is highly breathable, made from healthy materials and is specifically designed for people with irregular corneas.

Schedule an appointment and let us help you determine which specialty contacts are best for you.

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Amniotic Membrane Therapy

Advances in medical research mean there are now some amazing treatment options for damage and scarring on the surface of the eye. Using an amniotic membrane graft (basically a bandage made of biologically correct tissue instead of artificial ingredients), the doctors at Gulf Coast Eye Institute can implant amniotic membrane to encourage the healing process in eyes that have been affected by keratitis, corneal ulcers, neurotrophic keratopathy, chemical burns or even severe dry eye. The procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical; the membrane is placed on a contact lens-like structure that is gently placed on the eye. The membrane slowly dissolves behind the contact lens to heal the surface of your eye, and the contact is later removed.

If amniotic membrane therapy could help your healing process, your Gulf Coast Eye Institute ophthalmologist will answer any questions you have when discussing the treatment.

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Comprehensive Eye Care

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