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Dry eye is more common today than ever before! More than 100 million people worldwide suffer from dry eye, which can be caused by many factors. This condition is often painful and certainly annoying.

Why so much dry eye?

Near work – computers, smart phones, video games, certain occupations – all of these things are likely to blame for the increase in dry eye symptoms. All of these activities interfere with quality and quantity of blinks. Not enough quality blinks means not enough natural tears, which means dry eye symptoms.

Common symptoms of dry eye include dryness, burning, grittiness, soreness, irritation and eye fatigue.

Dry eye can affect your life – at work and at home – including making it difficult to work comfortably at a computer monitor. At Gulf Coast Eye Institute, we offer a variety of treatments for dry eye depending on its source and severity.


Dry Eye Treatment

  • Addresses root cause of the most common form of dry eye
  • LipiFlow is an exciting breakthrough in the treatment of dry eye.
  • LipiFlow treatment addresses the root cause of evaporative dry eye, the most common form, by unblocking the meibomian glands that secrete oily lipids.

In controlled clinical studies of patients who received a single LipiFlow treatment, the average meibomian gland score at 4 weeks increased by 2-3 times over the baseline condition! In other words, LipiFlow uses heat and gentle movement to unclog the glands on the rim of your eyelid that help keep your tears from evaporating. When they’re free and clear, they’re able to function properly to keep more tears on your eye’s surface.

The LipiFlow System is a non-invasive, in-office treatment that takes only minutes to complete for each eye. Many patients report a noticeable improvement in the days following the LipiFlow treatment, with relief continuing to improve 3-4 weeks following the procedure. This treatment can be repeated as needed.

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In the Event There Is Trauma or Injury To The Eye

PROKERA® is a therapeutic device used by Gulf Coast Eye Institute eye doctors to protect, repair and heal damaged eye surfaces. PROKERA is best described as a biologic corneal bandage. It is made by clipping a piece of amniotic membrane tissue in between two rings made out of a clear, flexible material.

For Patients With Irregular Shaped Corneas or Keratoconus, We Feature SynergEyes Hybrid Contact Lenses.

For those who have been diagnosed with keratoconus, Gulf Coast Eye Institute is pleased to offer patients SynergEyes lenses.  SynergEyes makes hybrid contact lenses for patients with astigmatism, presbyopia and irregular corneal conditions.  Patients can now see life with crystal clear vision, clarity and comfort all day long. This is the only hybrid lens that is highly breathable made from healthy materials and is an advanced lens designed specifically for people with irregular corneas.

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