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If you’re interested in a life without the restrictions that come with wearing glasses and contacts…

With LASIK, you have the freedom to enjoy your life, the way you want to live it…without the hindrances and the hassle of contacts and glasses. Who among us would really want to wear glasses or contacts if given the healthy choice of LASIK today? Of course, we all want to wear the coolest designer sunglasses, so let’s learn more.

Whether you’re a recent high school or college grad about to embark on your career or a parent trying to keep up with a growing family, why not have the vision you deserve in order to be the best you can be?!

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Why LASIK at Gulf Coast?

At Gulf Coast Eye Institute, our experienced surgeons have helped thousands of patients enjoy dramatically improved vision. Many of these patients have had vision correction with our popular All-Laser LASIK.

For many people living in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, All-Laser LASIK is an extremely popular vision correction choice due to the quick recovery and because our surgeons are able to treat nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.

All-Laser LASIK – Laser Vision Correction – is the most popular elective procedure performed in the world. Literally millions of people around the world undergo this miraculous eye treatment procedure to improve their vision every year.

Not all laser centers and eye surgeons are the same. Gulf Coast Eye Institute features All-Laser Custom Lasik with two of the newest technologies – the Bausch and Lomb Victus FS laser and Technolas excimer laser. This technology, plus a team of experienced surgeons, provides for you an unprecedented level of trust and care as a patient.
LASIK SurgeryAt Gulf Coast Eye Institute, our LASIK team includes board-certified ophthalmologists who are also fellowship trained. Most of our surgeons specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases of the retina. This is a tremendous advantage for the potential LASIK patient. This means, when indicated, your LASIK screening can include a retinal screening to ensure LASIK is the best and safest choice for you. Why conduct a retinal screening? The answer is to make sure you really are a good candidate for this procedure and to rule out anything that would prevent you from achieving optimal results. Our surgical team will not perform LASIK unless our patients are ideal candidates for the procedure. You can be sure that only the highest standards of care are present on your behalf at all of our facilities.

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What is LASIK?

LASIK is a vision correction procedure that treats the three most common vision issues:

  • Nearsightedness (can’t see far away)
  • Farsightedness (can’t see up close)
  • Astigmatism (blurring at both distances)

If you’re wearing glasses and/or contacts, and you fall into one (or a combination) of these categories, then LASIK may be the right choice for you. At one time, LASIK involved blades (some places still use blades so be on the lookout). Today, at Gulf Coast Eye Institute, that’s NOT the case – our LASIK is a 100 percent all-laser procedure.

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LASIK is an extraordinarily miraculous procedure. It works by changing the shape of your cornea, which changes the way images focus on your retina. It’s technically a two-step process: Creating a small flap on the cornea, and reshaping the corneal surface, all in just a few minutes.

Gulf Coast Eye Institute LASIK surgeons use a Bausch and Lomb Technolas excimer laser to reshape and correct the focal point of your cornea, resulting in clearer vision.

If you are nearsighted: Your corneal surface is too steep. Eye surgeons use the Technolas excimer laser to remove tissue from the central area of the cornea to correct the focus.

If you are farsighted: Your corneal surface is too flat. Gulf Coast Eye Institute surgeons use the excimer laser to remove tissue from the corneal surface periphery which will correct focus.

If you have astigmatism: The corneal surface is more oblong than the ideal spherical shape, like a football rather than a basketball. A Gulf Coast Eye Institute LASIK surgeon uses the excimer laser to remove the multiple focal points that are present with astigmatism, creating one focal point to correct focus. (Astigmatism can be treated during your procedure for nearsightedness or farsightedness).

LASIK Diagram

What to Expect After LASIK

The visual recovery time is short after All-Laser LASIK. Many patients report notably better vision the day after their procedure. Vision usually continues to improve in the following days and weeks. Full effects of LASIK are typically achieved within 2-3 months. Patients can resume most daily activities almost immediately following their LASIK procedure. Things like swimming and contact sports should be avoided for 3-4 weeks.

LASIK Alternatives

Still looking for vision correction, but LASIK isn’t an option for you? Don’t worry, Gulf Coast Eye has plenty of option for you too! Check out some of our other vision correction options below.

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